Hosting an open house – Yes or No?

Selling a house can be pretty demanding and not so attractive. However, there is one thing that can be helpful for you and it is an open house. Open house events can be kind of interesting for buyers, and especially to realtors. Even though you probably will be preoccupied with business, you will certainly sell your house in no time.

Yes or No?

An open house can be helpful and exciting, however, if your house isn’t suitable for this kind of advertisement, not organizing this event would be a smart move. Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t do an open house are a preoccupation with something else, a house that isn’t showing too well, smelly, old house, weird neighborhood, similar homes in the same area and so on. If you think your house isn’t one of them, then you should totally make this event.


How to host an open house?

If your house is spotless, unique and beautiful, on the right location and priced correctly here are some tips on what you should do to host a successful open house.

1. Advertise

The advertisement was always the best way to promote something. However, forget about the newspapers and listing, make sure you advertise online. Design colorful and engaging ads and place them on real estate websites. Also, you can advertise on the social networks, choose the audience you want to target and shoot.

2. Map Open House Sings

Arrows and Open House signs on the busy intersections all over your neighborhood are a great idea to attract more visitors. Set up a few arrows to point the potential visitors to your house. Use a few balloons to accentuate the Open House sign in front of your house.

3. Remove the vehicles out of sight

Park your car in the garage or elsewhere, just don’t leave it in front of your house. Ask your neighbors to do the same.