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The information below is about the areas in which I specialize. Each area has it’s own unique and wonderful characteristics. I have gathered information and included some of my own personal perspectives along with statistical data and helpful links. Please let me know if you have any specific questions regarding these areas. I would be happy to provide more in depth information.


Suburban living is at its best in the newer Eden Prairie community. Everything you want and more is just minutes away. You have the convenience of Eden Prairie Center with its variety of upscale restaurants, shops, mega cinema theatres, and department stores. You will also enjoy the lakes, beautiful golf courses, miles of hiking & biking trails, and perhaps some Disc Golf at Staring Lake Park. This well planned community has attractively structured, well maintained neighborhoods ranging from all American family developments to professional condo and townhome associations. With homes ranging from starter condos to beautiful multi-million dollar homes, and the upper bracket gated community of Bear Path, this is definitely a city you will want to call home. 
For those with private planes or frequent charter use, Flying Cloud Airport is conventiently located in the Southwest portion of Eden Prairie. 


Education HS 97% 
Bachelor 57% 
Graduate/Professional degree 17% 
Annual Household Median Income $78,300 
Owner Occupied Housing 76% 
Average Home Year Built 
1939 or earlier 1% 
1940-1959 2% 
1960-1979 22% 
1980-1989 41% 
1990-March 2000 34% 


One of Minnesota’s most highly esteemed cities. Edina lives up to its reputation of quality people, places, and properties. Conveniently located just 10 minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and downtown Minneapolis. Home to many of the finer restaurants and shops like the Galleria, Southdale Mall with its new Megastar 16 Theater Complex, and the 50th & France Shops. Perhaps you’ll enjoy the 24 acre lakeside park at Centennial Lakes, with outdoor concerts, golf, lawn bowling, gorgeously landscaped trails, and ice-skating in winter. Residents of Edina will tell you that “once you’ve lived here, you’ll never want to leave”. The homes range from starter condos to the multi-million dollar estates in Western Edina. Step up and take your place in this wonderful city. 


Education HS 97% 
Bachelors 58% 
Graduate / Professional degree 22% 
Annual Household Median Income $66,000 
Owner Occupied Housing 74% 
Average Home Year Built 
1939 or earlier 8% 
1940-1959 31% 
1960-1979 43% 
1980-1989 12% 
1990-March 2000 6% 


If Minneapolis had San Diego’s weather, about 10 million people would live here. It’s a grand city: clean, green, glittered with 22 lakes, punctuated with a dazzling steel-and-glass skyline and brimming with more galleries, museums and theaters than any city between Chicago and San Francisco. 

Minneapolis features 22 lakes and 170 parks. Its Chain of Lakes includes Cedar, Calhoun, Harriet and Lake of the Isles, and all but Harriet are connected by waterways. 

Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, and Lake of the Isles are surrounded by beautifully majestic classic homes with a few newer contemporaries nestled in here and there. If you love activities like sailing, biking, jogging, and people watching, you will want to experience the “Minneapolis Lakes Area” area first hand. Currently the area’s average list price is $513,000. From condos to awesome classic mansions, this high demand Southwest area of Minneapolis has much to offer. 


Education HS 85% 
Bachelors 37% 
Graduate / Professional degree 13% 
Household Median Income $38,000 
Owner Occupied Housing 49% 
Average Year Built of Housing 
1939 or earlier 51% 
1940-1959 21% 
1960-1979 19% 
1980-1989 6% 
1990-March 2000 2% 


The Minneapolis area’s largest lake, Minnetonka is located about 12 miles west of Minneapolis. Wealthy Twin Citians have had summer homes here since before the turn of the century, and the fine sailing once helped make the area one of the most popular resorts in the country. Lake Minnetonka is a collection of 16 interconnecting lakes with about 23 named bays and areas. It is the 10th largest lake in Minnesota containing 14,310 acres of water, has more than 100 miles of shoreline, and is surrounded by 15 separate communities. 

Whether you enjoy boating and lakeside dining, or the quiet countryside in the surrounding communities, you can rest assured that the Lake Minnetonka area has a lot to offer. Anywhere from sprawling lakeside mansions with panoramic views, to mult-acre quiet estates, there is just not enough room on this page to begin to list the options of this exceptionally unique and expansive area. Whatever your taste, you will likely find a place you will want to call home. 


It says it best on their home page, Wayzata is the jewel of Lake Minnetonka. Just 11 miles west of Minneapolis, it’s the best place to see Minnesota’s most popular lake. It’s a village rich in history. And it’s the boutique and shopping stop for all the people along the water. 

Here, you’ll find the latest in lakeside fashions, artwork, antiques and collectibles. And here, you’ll find an eclectic assortment of restaurants that range from casual to elegant. Most offer lakefront views, and none are more than a stone’s throw away from the water. You can watch the cruisers go by or look out at picturesque clusters of sailboats. Our theater of seasons never shuts down. In the winter, you’ll see ice racers, skaters and dozens of ice fishing houses. Enjoy the past and present that is Wayzata. It’s as good as the good life in Minnesota gets. 

This charming city on the lake doesn’t have a lot of homes for sale, yet currently has an average list price of $515,000. If you’re considering a move to the Lake Minnetonka area, this city is a must to see. 


Education HS 96% 
Bachelors 48% 
Graduate / Professional degree 14% 
Household Median Income $65,800 
Owner Occupied Housing 57% 
Average Year Built of Housing 
1939 or earlier 16% 
1940-1959 25% 
1960-1979 36%% 
1980-1989 11% 
1990-March 2000 12% 


Bloomington is host to Mall of America and just minutes from Downtown Minneapolis and the Airport. It is known as EAST Bloomington and WEST Bloomington. These communities are conveniently located to what locals refer to as “The Bloomington Strip” which is a section of Highway 494 that has many visitors from around the metro area. The strip is populated with a large number of corporate towers, businesses, shopping malls, department stores, and restaurants. East Bloomington is host to the Mall of America with its 500 specialty stores, 4 department stores, over 50 restaurants, 7 nightclubs, 14 movie theaters and more! West Bloomington is host to some of the more prestigious of neighborhoods and beautiful park systems including Hyland Lake Park Reserve with its approximate 10 miles of hiking, biking, and rollerblading trails. The Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge, a 34-mile corridor of marsh, grassland, and forest situated in the valley of the Minnesota River begins in West Bloomington. Once you visit, it’s likely you’ll find yourself imagining being tucked in somewhere in the quiet hills of prestigious West Bloomington. 


Education HS 92% 
Bachelors 35% 
Graduate / Professional degree 10% 
Annual Household Median Income $54,600 
Owner Occupied Housing 69% 
Average Home Year Built 
1939 or earlier 2% 
1940-1959 29% 
1960-1979 46% 
1980-1989 18% 
1990-March 2000 6%

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