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Our Services


Every buyer and seller need to be familiarized with basics in the real estate worlds such as price movement on the market, things they can expect and so on. That’s why we offer consulting services to our clients. We will inform you about everything you want to know. 


In case you want to sell your house, we will be there to give you advice and estimate the value of your home according to the current prices on the market. We will be realistic and precise.ur logo.


We will be your mediator. Whether you want to buy or sell a house, we will be there to help you. Attending and organizing open house events, negotiating instead of you, everything for the purpose of finding you a perfect home.

Our History

Like any other company, we started small also. Two realtors, freshly out of college and into the world of real estate, decided to create an agency that would be entirely different from others. Phil Jones & Marge Collins, previously classmates in college, now became colleagues. They decided to establish a real estate agency that will observe every house and every client as an individual and devoted themselves to make it happen. Even though they couldn’t even imagine it, their agency became successful, and they are now two professional, well-known and trusted realtors. Agency changed, expanded and got multiple awards which made it very popular in the real estate business.

Some Testimonials

I was looking for a perfect home more unsuccessfully for more than three months, and then I found out about UPPER BRACKET REALTOR. Thank you for saving my life.

Anne Hawkins

Anne Hawkins

This agency was a solution to all my problems. I sold my old house in a matter of days and bought a new one, perfect for my family and me.

Michael Jonesame

Michael Jonesame

I was struggling to find a buyer for my grandma's house, and UPPER BRACKET REALTOR agency helped me embellish it a little, and finally a house got its new owner.

Maya Golding

Maya Golding

I thought it was impossible to find a home that would be perfectly suitable for me. However, the agency succeeded, and now I'm in love with my new crib.

Peter Williams

Peter Williams

Our Projects

When it comes to our work, there are no unsatisfied clients. However, there is a few project we can single out as the most important. There is nothing extraordinary about our customers, they are ordinary people from all over the world, with families or without. The most important thing we did is building a house for a 7-member family since they couldn’t find the right place for themselves. Our experts managed to organize the building process and created the strategy. Today, each of the five children has its own room, a warm and beautiful home to live in.

Our Story

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