Should You Sell Your Home During a Divorce?


People who are facing divorce, often have the problem of trying to determine the best way to handle their mutually owned assets. Often times, this is something like a home. Since a home is a large asset that if not owned by either party exclusively it must be determined how the house will be managed and obtained by whom during the divorce.

For many couples this is never an easy process since neither party is generally open to letting go of the property without a fight.

The point is, what are you to do if you find yourself in a similar situation?

There are two options and are relatively straight forward.

1. Work out Your Problems and Keep the House

The first, and most unlikely to occur (but does seldom happen) is to work out the problems that ruined the marriage in the first place. This is never an easy task but can be done if both parties are willing to work for it and want to salvage their marriage.

Many people do not know how to go about the process and often tend to make matters worse. What most people don’t realize is that the inherent problems that broke the marriage apart are the same problems that are preventing the couple from working things out again.

The best solution is to take a break, not a divorce and spend time away from each other to “reset” their feelings and position on the relationship. From here, due diligence is necessary to ensure that adequate time is spent apart and both parties are willing to do what it takes.

2. Get a Lawyer and Fight for Your Home

The second option if you are not willing to part with your property is to fight for it in a legal battle. This is never an easy or pleasant process and may end up costing you a fortune in fee’s, but if you’re willing to put in that kind of time, energy, stress and money you may just come out on top and be able to keep the house.

If the home doesn’t mean all that much to you and don’t want to deal with the headache and hassle it’s sometimes easier to just take a cut of the home and part ways with your ex-spouse and let them have the home and take over the mortgage payments.

Out of both of these options, whether or not you choose to fight or not, there may be hope to reconcile the relationship.

There are a couple relationship coaches and experts that are teaching people how to do this everyday.

Two of my most recommended are Michael Fiore and T.W. Jackson.

Both of these guys have a long history of helping couples re-unite and fix their broken relationships. They both have websites where you can get more information from them and I highly recommend that you do so.

However it’s probably best if you check out reviews of their sites to see exactly what they can offer you before wasting your time with something you may not need.

So make sure to do that here:

And Here:

Wishing you the best in whatever you decide to do.

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We Buy Houses: Quickly Sell Your Home Without A Real Estate Agent

real estate investorHow Long Has Your House Been On The marketplace?

In Southern California, is isn’t really unusual for the typical home to take up to 6 months to sell. That is all right when you are not in a rush to sell, however when you have to go, when your house is the only thing that is keeping you behind, and you have actually attempted all other alternatives– It is now that you will discover exactly what this post can do for you if you need to sell your home fast.

This post will certainly describe the best ways to swiftly sell your house so that you can move on with your life. This link will give you a quick and brief over-view of what this process involves:

We Purchase Homes Companies

I am rather sure that you have seen the “we buy houses” signs on the side of the road, on billboards, on TV/Radio commercials and in the paper. Up till now, you most likely haven’t had much interest in what these business do and how they can assist individuals like yourself.

Today is the day you will understand what these companies are and how they can help you in your situation.

The “We Buy Houses” companies you’ve likely seen all over your city are business backed by Real Estate investors who have the cash to quickly buy your house with the intent of fixing it up and flipping it for a profit.

The good news is that if you need to sell fast and get out of your house fast these companies are almost always the best solution. Check out: for more.

Why Do They Purchase Residences?

They buy houses since Property Investment is an excellent business model and a house is something that everybody needs. In some cases they purchase and rent houses, other times they get your house, do repair services and then sell it for a profit. Exactly what matters most is that you can sell your home to an investor much faster than putting it on the real estate market. Their procedure is quicker than the months of dead time that you will have to wade through in order to sell your house yourself. It is an excellent alternative to simply sell to a real estate investor.

Why Are Investors A Much better Option Than A Representative?

As mentioned earlier, investors are prepared to buy your house TODAY whereas your real estate agent needs to go out and discover individuals to show your house to and afterwards they need to encourage them to purchase. An investor does not have to be encouraged, if they like exactly what they see, if the legal side is clean, they will certainly buy your house. Show me a Realty representative who has that sort of turn around and I’ll reveal you a millionaire. Is your representative a millionaire? My guess is no! An investor is your finest option.

Make sure to check out my personal recommendation for real estate investing, Doug Van Soest at his website here:


It is all so evident now, We Buy Houses companies are a house owners dream and a real estate agents headache since they are more capable than investors. They are a house owners dream since they prepare to get your house and getting houses is their company. Whereas your real estate agent will have a massive headache since they are not able to work as quickly as an investor is. For you, the house owner, the option must be beyond clear; you need to do your own research and find out what is better for you. You need to hear exactly what they provide and if it fits with exactly what you desire. Do not squander or waste any more time and call today.

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The Reality of Setting Up a Guitar Home Recording Studio

guitar playerJust recently I got an e-mail from a popular guitar teacher in my e-mail that discussed how sophisticated & simple self-recording has become and “how simple” it is to produce your very own home recording studio and achieve “professional quality sound”. Now I’ve got to say that, Learning how to play the electric guitar in this respect (recording yourself) will always give you immense joy being able to playback yourself, but it can only be done if you actually understand what you’re doing.

While almost everything this guitar player stated held true, he failed to accurately depict how difficult recording can be if you don’t understand it. So I thought I’d go ahead and outline some things I felt were missing from his email about this.

Below we are going to discuss the truths about establishing a recording studio in your very own house that were missing  from the e-mail I got from this gentleman. After this brief post you will certainly have the ability to decide for yourself just what kind of studio you should set up for yourself.

The most typical lie produced by Guitar shops or websites offering you the latest and greatest in recording equipment in establishing your very own studio in your house that can create a “professional sound” is this:.

“If you get this item ( mixer, processor, audio user interface) you will not need to learn how to use this hardware effectively; Simply plug and play and you will sound like the pro’s.

Obviously though if you simply spend a little time learning the basics, you can create this kind of sound and easily convince others it’s of professional studio quality.

Expense of setting up your own studio

The bottom line if you’re a guitar player is that you will need to find out ways to make use of EVERYTHING. And discover the best ways to utilize it WELL.

Online marketers want you to invest as much cash as possible which is typically unneeded when starting with some simple pieces of hardware like a Line 6 UX2 which you just hook up to your computer, plug your guitar in, and you will now have the ability to record on your computer. Many artists like Sybreed and Periphery have used this same kind of software to produce some of their Albums.

The monetary expense alone can work out into the thousands of dollars if you exceed your grasp with equipment. Recording studios resemble a “black hole” that have the ability of devouring any amount of cash you are prepared to throw at it.

And Ironically, you’ll probably end up not using half of what you buy simply due to inexperience alone.

No matter how much cash you invest, if you’re simply a novice guitar player with little experience, no matter how much equipment you have, it is not going to make you sound better over night.

You will need to have the experience necessary to understand what you want to accomplish and understand what equipment can provide that to you. A recording studio is just there to supplement you’re present playing ability not increase it.


The bottom line is that you need to first learn how to play, and then to understand what you want OUT of a studio, and then understand the needs and necessities of what it is you want. Then you’ll know what equipment you should get and you’ll then have to put in the work at understanding how to USE that equipment if want to understand how to use a house recording studio properly.

The only way to sound better is to learn how to play better. That’s really the trick to getting a “professional sound”. Learn how to play better, and then once you have the equipment, you won’t have to worry about tweaking the sounds of your guitar so much that it’s immediately recognizable that you had to go through an immense amount of work, altering the sound of your playing to make it sound decent. This is something many hack guitarists think they can skip – but it’s not. My best advice is to find some simple and easy Online Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons and start learning how to play better FIRST.

Absolutely nothing can change effort and practice … if you asked me about talented players, I would tell you that to become a skilled player you have to be willing to practice more than the average player. And it’s usually this person who will become good enough to the point that actual recording equipment will NOT be necessary to take their playing to the next level of competence.

No one can take your skills from you unless they cut off your hands.

Everything in life has a cost … pay the price and it’s yours

A hack golf player for example with an expensive set of clubs is still a hack golf player! Some of the best practice routines I’ve followed were by finding some excellent professional guitar backing tracks for beginners and just practicing to them day in and day out and mastering my skills until I was comfortable enough on the guitar.

I welcome you to utilize these tips and tricks when thinking about establishing your very own studio.

And I extremely advise that prior to you even considering setting up a studio, you make sure that your guitar playing abilities match your understanding of musical devices and recording software applications.

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Southern California Real Estate Investing

realtor real estate investingCalifornia Real Estate investing is a challenging market for experienced investors, not to mention those brand-new to the business. California real estate has been in a downward spiral of foreclosure acquisitions since the financial crisis of 2000. Nonetheless, this has opened the doors for investors to come in and really reek havoc on the market and make killer profits.

California Real Estate Investing is a Very Profitable Business

The Real Estate Market has watched housing prices decline by as much as 40-percent in recent years. Today, investors can locate inexpensive houses in locations such as San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and even the Los Angeles area, where the properties are at a level of investment comparable with an investors capital – given them enough room to make a decent ROI on any investment they make on a property.

Housing prices have really begun to increase in the inland areas such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino. Investors that want to find decent homes in these locations must establish a comparable marketing plan against other investors to land the business.

This is why smart investors are looking into developing their own websites in order to generate search engine traffic to and generate leads for their business. If you happen to be in the San Diego area, as many investors are searching for properties in these areas, you can learn about some of the Top we buy houses San Diego CA companies that will give you the best price and offer on your home today if you need to sell quickly.

To Make Money in California With Real Estate Investing you need to find out what the market conditions are like

This is particularly important when investors intend to make use of homes as rental houses.

It is crucial for investor o become educated in landlord/tenant legislations as well, since California has become one of the strictest legal states in the United States when it comes to real Estate – and for good reason.

A great spot to more information regarding this is to visit the California Department of Real Estate Website

Here you will be able to get all the legal information you need regarding rental laws, conformity policies as well as download any necessary manual.

Investors starting out must take into consideration getting in touch with a Real estate property Lawyer to prepare the proper documents to get started doing business.

Those who unknowingly breach laws or are non-compliant with property codes could face severe penalties

The U.S. Demographics Agency, says that one-half million individuals relocate to California every year. This gives enough possibility for investors to generate enough positive cash flow. The secret to success is to simply recognize the needs of new residents and be able to meet those needs as an investor. So if you’re interested in getting in the business you can go here to learn some of Top Ways to Sell House Fast with Doug Van Soest  who is a California real estate investor and one of the best in his field.

Investors who are thinking of renting or selling homes to families need to situate their business near properties that are next to decent school districts. This will always be a good incentive for new buyers that you end up selling the property too.

In the end, when it comes to real estate investing in California there is much work to be done, but at the same time there is a lot of money to be made. if you want to get started in this business make sure you cover all of your legal bases first to ensure proper business ethics are held up and you maintain a good reputation. If you want to do your own research into some of the businesses that are already established you can do a search for some of the Top people who buy houses for cash in California and reverse engineer their business model to figure out how to structure yours.

There is still plenty of opportunity to make money in California and the market has never been better for investors like it is now. Since so many people are losing their homes it’s a perfect time to buy these houses at low costs which you could later flip for a much higher profit when the market starts to scale again. You can learn more about real estate investing from Dougs Youtube Page here:

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